TED RADIO HOUR: The Hero’s Journey

Why are we drawn to stories about heroic journeys? According to mythologist Joseph Campbell, it's personal: "[The journey] is a fundamental experience that everyone has to undergo."
I recommend you listen to this podcast and think about what we talked about stories and their mythical pattens. It is creative, informative and fun. You can download it on your phone and listen to it while walking or working out.

The Hero’s Journey

From the Odyssey, to Robinson Crusoe, to Star Wars — why are we drawn to stories about heroes? And what do they tell us about ourselves? This hour, TED speakers explore what makes a hero’s journey.




2 responses to “TED RADIO HOUR: The Hero’s Journey

  1. A journey of a hero that has attracted millions of people since the 70’s and current children and adults of modern ages, Star Wars is a blueprint story, which influences has been created from past stories from thousands of years ago. Throughout myths, literature, and films, story lines and character roles cease to change, it is only the content and world and dilemmas which they face that have a variety to them. Noticed by Campbell, a 3 act model has been used over and over again that parallels us with stories and our own livelihoods. A departure, initiation, and return is what occurs in stories, and us. George Lucas used Campbell’s identical model in his films, seamlessly, who was his mentor and recreated myths and motifs for the pattern of events that everyone goes through, a popular thing to witness and search for. An interesting way to depict that is through films that moves us, connect us to characters in a different essence but still relates to us, and holds different meaning to each and every one of us. Following your heart and spiritual being to find yourself, using the Force, being awaken, and to readjust our lives as the punches or threats come our way to ultimately save ourselves which saves humanity.


  2. Many movies or blueprint movies like Starwars, or the Odyssey do attract children and adults since there are heroes involved in these movies since the 70’s and even earlier. In this podcast, many things gives to stage of the heroes journey. There are about 14 stages of a heroes journey to make this movie to make a pattern. Star Wars is the heroes journey that is clarified by the patterns that happen in the journey. Psychological dependency brings the sauce of life, or the heroes journey. To Cambell, the journey makes the movie famous or we search for to see. I found it very interesting how you find out about more about yourself and how you are a hero according to Cambell. I also liked how Ted lets Ellen tell her story point about how she was a kid and she went on a journey on a boat, or her call to adventure. She says how when you’re a child everything is possible, this is true because when I was a child I believed I could do everything and anything since I felt so free. I really liked also how Ellen began her journey so soon and nothing was stopping her, I do believe that Ellen is her own hero. Stories about heroes can tell us many things, such as dealing with myths, literature, and films. I do agree that if you follow your dreams and yourself, will save humanity and will be awaken. The most thing common in every heroes journey is in fact the mentor.


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