Silence before the storm…


The Wednesday before spring semester began, I found myself to be idle from my mind and body. An unsound way of resting, I decided to get in my car and go to a place that I wanted to visit on my birthday 6 months earlier. Ironically, being a in between mark between my 20th to 21st birthday I said what the heck and went on my lonesome solemn adventure. An  hour later I arrived at the Wat Buddharangsi of Miami, a Theraveda Buddhist temple down in the red lands of Homestead. I saw this triumphant statue as I left and turned on my phone to snap a photo. This is a statue of Phar Leela, the walking Buddha. She is known to bring good fortune and wealth, gives people the ability to see their potential and obtaining them and serves as a protector from danger and obstacles. She is a feminine icon with her beauty and curvature. She is religious to me for serving as a sign, a way of saying it will be okay, just remain positive and calm. After I left the temple and snapped this shot, I felt lighter than I have felt after any yoga class or massage session!


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