Movie review: Luther

Luther was a truly riveting movie, it portrayed the life of Martin Luther. The movie covered Luther’s life from becoming a monk in 1505 to the Diet of Augsburg in 1530. It was very interesting to see the different depicts of life in that time. It furthermore showed the different struggles in which Luther experienced at different points in his life. It was an extremely insightful and detailed movie. I thought that the movie was greatly made and did a wonderful job in showing the different aspects and situations in which Martin Luther had to deal with. Moreover, Luther had been conflicted at one time and though the buying of indulgences, which was believed to be a way to buy salvation. Indulgences were thought as a way to reduce their time in purgatory and get people to Heaven. The church was getting paid for these indulgences and thus had an increased amount of power at the time. Martin Luther thought it was horrible seeing as they had poor people sparing their limited coins and money in hopes that they would be saved. He read the Bible and knew that most people were unable to read the Bible and he knew that there was no mentions of indulgences. Moreover and with this, Luther began writing books and spreading messages that the Bible really had no saying of indulgences and that people should interpret things for themselves. Luther’s message created chaos as it shined a light on the Church’s corruption and put them in a bad spot. The peasants now wanted to rebel and go against the church and those creating a politic shift. The peasants interpreted Luther’s message as they could also go against the Church, who had so much power at the time. Luther’s messages further heightened the Protestant Reformation, as peasants were rioting and there was just so much disturbance and disorder, at the time. Although, Luther didn’t want for things to go so far, in regards to the peasants, to completely go against the Church and for there to political turmoil and conflicts. Furthermore and with this, Luther’s message made peasants question everything not just the legitimize of the indulgences but the overall rulings and controls of the Church. Finally, they now no longer trusted the Church and obeyed the following and this would create havoc and further prompt the Protestant Reformation.


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