Luther Movie Review

This movie was based on the life on Martin Luther setting place in a thunderstorm in 1505.  I really liked how interesting this movie was it made me see Martin become in a monk in Erfurt and during his time he was constantly troubled as seeing God as a God of hate and vengeance. In this movie, Martin was encouraged by a older monk who was his mentor named Johann von Staupitz. While Luther was sent back to Germany he was then sent back to Wittenberg to begin his congregation that God is not a God of hate, but a God of love. I loved Martin Luther’s character in this movie because he was writing books about spreading messages that the Bible really had no saying of indulgences and that people should interpret things for themselves which made him actually a hero in a sense of way. Luther then also begins to emphasize the love of God instead of his judgement. In church, Luther denounces the indulgences, calling them “just a piece of paper” but then he posts these 95 theses on the door of the church by calling up for a debate regarding the indulgences. After this, Luther got called to Augsburg where all the church officials kept on questioning him. Throughout the movie, Luther was finding out his real relationship with God on if there was light or not. After the church officials stopped questioning Martin they now no longer trusted the Church and agreed to obey all rules to not create chaos and to prompt the Protestant Reformation. Finally in all, I really liked this movie and was a very different view on seeing this mans view on the relationship he had with God.  Luther is a source of inspiration when going against the fear to defend true convictions. The scene at where he lied in front of the cardinal and everything was adorned in red with flaming torches looked very fascinating. When Prince William exclaims “thanks to the adults, I´ve had to join the world of adults. And it appalled to me by how easy they thought it was to bribe me!”  was the best quote in the movie. I believe everyone should be forced to watch this amazing intriguing movie to open up their mind.

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