This movie is based on the life of Martin Luther who forced himself to battle with the Catholic Church. “He would forge a distinctive form of Christian faith and a reliance on the bible as the word of God”. Luther was the man who began the Protestant Reformation. This movie portrays religious differences within the church. It is in the period of European history that has political and class divisions. In the movie, Luther is an upcoming lawyer but later convinced he is supposed to be a monk all because of a lightening storm. Throughout the movie Father Johann von Staupitz mentors Luther because he believes that he has an intense devotion to becoming a monk. Later on Luther is sent to Rome which he comes across another realization because of what he experiences in the Holy city. Luther always searched for people to agree with him and understand him on his beliefs and realizations so later on when he was in Germany he becomes a professor of theology where he makes sure every student understands faith. Since all he wanted was support on his beliefs and was so very passionate, Frederick the Wise (Local prince) and other local people began to listen and understand his sermons. Also another thing that happened in Rome is Martin Luther becoming very angry with the fact that the people in his congregation disrespected him by spending their funds on indulgences. The reason why he becomes so mad is because he believes that indulgences are erroneous theology. In 1521 the Pope excommunicates Martin Luther and he then takes sanctuary with Prince Frederick. Throughout the movie Martin Luther is translating the New Testament into German and making it available to non-priests which never happens.


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