Food for thought…

Hello fellow classmates!

****I apologize in advance for the rant-like nature of this post.*****

Today I was approached by someone in GC talking about Christianity and the Bible. I had no issues with her speaking with me I found it quite interesting however the conversation changed once she emphasizes the importance of the Bible. She explained that it is the most valuable text and we have to read it and get deep into it because that is the only way to save our souls. I exclaimed and questioned how the Pope had recently made a statement about as long as your a good person you have a place in the Kingdom of God. She was appalled and said NO! The only way to the Kingdom is through the word of the Bible. I went on to ask her, well is it not up to interpretation? Again she was appalled. She exclaimed that there was no such thing as interpretation in religion “especially Christianity” she emphasized. I found this odd and interesting because I am learning about interpreting religion and  the thought”interpretation doesn’t exist” got me a bit upset. The conversation ended nicely but I was left puzzled and still left a little upset. How could people not believe religious text is up for interpretation? How is that they take it word for word and understand it just the way it is? How is no interpretation involved? Were people really this naive and ignorant?  Questions like these kept racing through my mind as I walked away. I was truly upset and questioning people and everything I have learned.  

Am I wrong for being upset and frustrated at her thoughts? What are your thoughts? Please let me know, I do not want to feel like I stand alone on this issue of whether interpretation is real and even more so the “correct”thing to do.

2 responses to “Food for thought…

  1. This is a great post. I’m pretty sure conversations like this have happened to a lot of us. What is important is to keep the dialogue open, and to acknowledge that the spectrum of religious people is as diverse as color pallets. Some have more open views while others are more radical and “literalist.” Keep in mind that all of them experience their religion in different ways, and all are valid.
    I like that you used what you learned in a real scenario. keep it up!

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  2. I definitely agree with the approach you took. Even though our society is becoming modernized, this is still a real occurrence today. I think that it is overlooked or taken for granted that interpretation is a good thing and that every perspective should be embraced.

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