Yin Yang

Ying Yang short vid


5 responses to “Yin Yang

  1. I found the video to be very interesting, I guess I never put much thought into it; however, the video highlights the fact that without the yin, the yang does not exist (or react the way it should), (& vise versa). I thought that the video was very informative and eye opening to my own perception on the yin yang symbol.


  2. This video was very interesting about the Ying Yang sign. I found out where it came from and what it really means. The universe is made up of energy, matter, and waves to make this symbol according to the video. I also really liked how much this video open my eyes on how this symbol was made and how it goes “berserk”. I do also agree with “listen more argue less” as said in the video. I believe everyone should see this video to know the real hidden meanings behind ying and yang.


  3. I like how this videos portrays what not only the yin and yang is, but also what the Chinese philosophy and culture is really about. They do not believe in the existence of absolute bad or good, or right or false. The yin and yang is the representation how we must seek a balance between these two extremes, and thus, balance the world and its energy. The yin and yang philosophy is open to any religion, to any philosophy of life. I believe that you can be either buddhist, catholic, few, etc and still be able to apply this way of thinking in your daily life, since at the end we all have the same goal, which is loving, caring about your neighbor, solidarity, and this symbol allows us to understand this concept better.

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    • The balance of Yin and Yang is such a common day event that I believe some people do not realize it is happening. Good and bad events can happen to anybody no matter if they are rich or poor. Yin and Yang being so involved with everyday life causes it to be one of those things that you take as they come to you because you never know what to expect on any given day. This is why living as mortals on earth we ask God for help on a daily basis so that we can deal with the “unknown in life” and have some assistance to deal with it.


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