Star Wars: The Feminism Awakens

In Class we talked about how Females are portrayed in movies. Here is a cool read about the newest (coolest) female heroine!

2 responses to “Star Wars: The Feminism Awakens

  1. I like the part where they say “Rey has neither the luxury nor burden of being a damsel in distress; she is too busy surviving.” It shoes how even the movie industry is stepping away from what was thought of as ”traditional.” However strong female roles existed even before the portrayal of gender roles, this is shown in the representation of female goddesses. I enjoyed reading this article.

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  2. Great article! This movie is a great thermometer to measure the progress of the “goddess” archetype throughout the years. I liked that the writer noted how the movie was not so much intending to introduce feminism as a kind of revolution but as a way of life.
    Thanks for sharing.


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