The Human Problem According to Islam

Here is an interesting article from Life Ministries written by Mark Durie. IT talks about what is the human problem according to Islam, and what the solution is. Here Durie gives a small comparison of which is human problem in the different secular groups. Catholics believe sin is the greatest human problem, while Islam says it to be ignorance. According to your opinions and what we have learned so far in the class, do you consider that the different human problems are interrelated or consequent to each other? Can all of them be solved with the correct guidance or jahiliyyah?

3 responses to “The Human Problem According to Islam

  1. The human problem discussed in this article as “jahiliyyah” is very interesting to be said as the problem in Islam. I think that this idea of
    jahiliyyah (ignorance) and hudu (guidance) is shown in manys ways for Christianity also. For instance myself as a Christian when I sin sometimes I may be ignorant to the sin that I have committed and until after the fact will I realize sometimes a day or even weeks after it happens. Sometimes the reason that I look back on the sins that I have committed is because certain events happen and I think “oh is God trying to tell me something?” it just those spiritual moments that you feel a higher being is trying to tell you something and correct those sinful actions by showing you the right path.


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