Gandhi – The Movie

Gandhi Movie

The Human Problem-

Watch the movie of Gandhi, think about the following questions and post your reaction on the blog.

1.Why did Gandhi send his British friend, the priest, home?

2. What was Gandhi’s response to the British officer who said that without the British government India would become chaotic?

3. From the Confucian perspective, why would India indeed fall into chaos?

4. Why did Gandhi wear that outfit when he left South Africa to India?

5. Why was it important that common people identified with him?

6. “There are unjust laws as there as unjust men.” How does this quote

from Gandhi reflect the Confucius’ concept of the human problem?


One response to “Gandhi – The Movie

  1. The film begins with Gandhi getting shot. Contrary to popular American belief, Gandhi was not shot by a Muslim, he was shot by a Hindu. The assassin believed that Gandhi was betraying Hinduism by trying to reconcile Pakistan and India by traveling to Pakistan…
    When Gandhi returns to India, he is dressed like an Indian Priest, almost like a celebrity or hero.
    Muslims are not the only religion that Gandhi encounters. At the start in South Africa he works with a Christian Minister, (they help achieve equal rights for the non-white citizens of South Africa.
    In addition to the English minister a Christian women comes all the way from England to India to live a lifestyle like Gandhi. She ends up helping him spread his message that all people, (no matter what religion) are loved by God. That is the religious message of Gandhi and what the movie is attempting to portray. It does not matter what you call “God” (Allah, Buddha, Brahman, Yahweh, etc.) we are all children of Him and loved by Him.


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