Gandhi Movie Review

In the film Gandhi, a theme of the will power resist and persist is evident. In searching for ways achieve India’s independence, Gandhi understands the justice that his people deserve and are not being granted. Being exploited, charged for their own land, and living in dreadful poverty, Gandhi becomes a valid icon and induces powerful messages to the masses. Strong, steady, provocative, and active in his movement, Gandhi returns from South Africa to India, after being arrested, dressed as rags as his comrades were dressed. Side comments about how he was supposed to be a lawyer, and not some “coolie”, disengaging from his imperial suits and British colonized ways. He rids of all clothes, and drapes himself in the riches of which his homeland had given him. Deep symbolism, such as the burning of clothes that impoverished the people of India, to the salt from the Indian Ocean, is rooted through out the film that exemplified nationalism, and the power of oneness within him for his people and that . Gandhi sent his British priest friend home after stating that Indians and the empire need to know that an Indian can resolve an issue, and fix his country with his people, without ‘alien influences’. This ‘alien’ is a foreign ‘God’ , who believe that they can digress chaos by their orderly fashioned, and exploitative agenda, by interfering as ‘savior’ to people’s who could benefit from a deep market economy. Finding a wedge to interfere with the flux of a country, by martial law to ultimately manipulate the land and people. Being driven by deep religious influences, India is mostly Hindus and Islamic, causing conflict within the region. Gandhi finds this to be unnecessary, because Gandhi eyes we are all children of the same God. Since the British empire has reduced this chaos, which is just deep misunderstanding of occupancy of two predominant religions, the British officer tells Gandhi that if they leave, there will only be more chaos and madness. Gandhi interjects, and states that no country would not prefer a ‘good’ alien government over their own bad government, that which was evolving constantly. Stating that religious minorities are in harms way as a fear-monger would be silly because all countries have religious minorities. India would deal with their own issues in their own manners. In the end they should walk out because a hundred thousand Englishmen cannot stop the pulse and force coming from non cooperative three hundred and fifty million Indians. In regards to Confucianism and this film, because all humans posses a role to lead a life in harmony with everyone else, the life of Indians is repressed by the government which rules over their independence. Since there is no harmony between society and government, there was no order, the cultural heritage, identity of the people were becoming tarnished.

Gandhi went 100% with his non-violent fight against their anger.

“You’ll find there is room for us all.”

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