Black Robe Movie Review

I personally really enjoyed this movie because in the beginning it shows one of the most important aspects of the collision of European and Indian cultures, which is the spiritual pride that they both offered.Although his young assistant adapts to the wilderness and falls in love with an Algonquin girl, Father Laforgue is shocked by the barbarity of the savages. The Algonquins, in turn wonder whether the man with the strange practices is a sorcerer. The journey tests the mind, body, and soul of Father Laforgue who endures betrayal by the Algonquins, torture at the hands of the Iroquois, and a major surprise when he reaches the mission near Lake Huron.I also think that this is film does an extremely well job at showing an authentic depiction’s of Indian life, most movies don’t go much in depth or showcase the lifestyle that Indians were accustomed to, however this one does it particularly good. Not only referring to the tools and housing they used, but most importantly their religious practices and beliefs. I think this emphasizes that they had absolutely no need for the imposing of Christianity upon them. But obviously the differences go way beyond the religious matters, an example that stood out to me was when Daniel sort of doubts the superiority of Christianity to the Native religions and he cant explain to his lover and therefore able to be promiscuous that he does not know why Blackrobes make the vow to never have sex. It is also shown that Father Laforgue finds it difficult to control his own sinful feelings. Lastly one of my favorite parts was at the climax when Father Laforgue is humbled by his experience and has a realization occur, when this happens it really show what Christianity is deeply about and the good side of this religion.


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