Quran Verse Necklace/Saucer

Both of these objects are very important to my in my life. The first picture is a necklace I wear everywhere and everyday which is made out of 14k gold and as you can see has a Quran versus in the middle. This necklace is very important to me because it was made at Mashed at Iran right in front of me when I visited about 7 years ago. This necklace has a verse from the Quran, which is the Islam holy book. The verse explains how God or Allah will always protect me wherever I shall go, and direct me in the right direction. I always have this necklace on because I do believe that it keeps me safe and away from any negativity coming to my life. This necklace is expensive, I bought it for almost $500 including the chain also. The verse also importantly says I start everything in the name of Allah. I hope the next time I visit Mashed in Iran, Tehran I do get to buy another necklace to wear with that one as well.

The second object I picked was the Islam saucer which I put by my nightstand. This also specifies a verse of the Quran. My mom bought this saucer for me in Iran back 2 years ago when she to visit her family. I believe that this is more important than my necklace because it holds a stronger meaning to me since it represents a strong meaning. The verse of the Quran:8:39 “Fight them who do not believe until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah.” The saucer also shows the Mashed which is located in Iran where all Muslims go to pray to Allah. The birds or peacocks are meant a metaphor for the soul’s divine journey to God. The saucer was bought for almost $50 at a shop by the Mashed. These two important objects also tie mostly to symbolism for the Islamic religion as you can see.


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