The Megan Project

For the Megan project I took a picture of the dance group of the church that I attend. Located in Miami springs, it is a pentecostal christian church. In this picture there are multiple things occurring. The most attention drawing object is the cross that measures about 20 feet. For my faith the cross symbolizes not only sacrifice but victory. One can immediately differentiate between christianity and catholicism by seeing whether there is bleeding jesus mantled on with the cross. Christians don’t use that symbol but simply the cross. However if you notice on the cross in the picture there are three letters, IHS. when translated from its greek origins it means Jesus. It is to remind us that the messiah came and died as a sacrifice, as foretold in the book of Isaiah in the old testament of the bible.

The second thing one might notice is the group of girls all mid-bow. The dance groups goal is to worship God through dance and the physical movement of their body to symbolize actions or praise. Here we can see religion taken in a personal manner and the passion people have for their faiths physically manifesting.


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