Megan Project Pictures

For the first picture in my Megan Project, I was sitting next to one of my friends and noticed that she had a little cross tattooed on her wrist. I asked her why she had it tattooed on her and she told me “that it’s a constant reminder that Jesus is always there for her no matter what”. To me, tattoos in general bring up the topic of Sacred Space because your body/skin can be seen as your own Sacred Space. Her getting a tattoo of a cross shows that she is openly showing to people through her Sacred Space (in this case her skin) that she is openly a believer in Christianity.

The Second picture i took while I was on Youtube; Before you watch videos now there is sometimes an advertisement that comes up and this was an advertisement for, a online dating service specifically meant for Christians to meet other Christians online. It is interesting to see how you can see religion even on an advertisement on youtube and for an online dating service.It shows how influential social media and modern technology is advancing even the religious societies.



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