Ethics- The Tao

The Tao  Short video.

From the School of Life Channel- Wu Wei is a key concept within Daoism – and refers to a serene acceptance of events. It’s a wisdom we’re very uninclined to remember in our own times.


2 responses to “Ethics- The Tao

  1. The Wu Wei idea within Daoism is a interesting idea of just going with the flow, this idea of just free flowing is unusual in the Modern West because everyone is always trying to change their future. In video they described it as going with the current but often times we see ourselves going against it and trying to find something new. This idea of Wu Wei I do believe is used when people are relaxing or enjoying the time that they have. For example, when families go on vacation they just do whatever they want because they are free flowing and allowing nature to take it course of action.


  2. This short clip was quite interesting and I did find very helpful in viewing it to help me learn more about Daoism and the Wu Wei idea. In the video, I really liked the quote “The way never acts, yet nothing is left undone” really made me think about this idea. This means being at peace with effortless action. I liked in the video how they compared the idea to many different objects like the wind and the tree. I really liked this idea of the Wu Wei bringing in peace and relaxation for time.


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