Greek Origins

For the Megan Project, I originally took a variety of pictures and was going to write on one of them. Although, through the course of the time I was suppose to submit it, I was looking through my gallery and came across this one, realizing it was far better than the other ones already taken. This picture was taken July 27th, 2015 in Mykonos, Greece, while I was on a summer trip across Europe. It was a church in the middle of the city surrounded by large trees with beautiful purple flowers. This church, more than any of the other ones I saw during my trip, caught my attention the most because of the simplicity to it. It was the  center on the city and seemed to gather all the locals along with all the visitors. The reason this picture is so religious to me is because it embraces all the aspects of the trip. During this trip I become so in touch with not only myself but with what felt like a higher being constantly being placed in front of me. Europe is full of ancient temples and churches that have so much more history than those in America that it gives a sense of the past that was absent. It helped me understand how the ideas formed. It was the missing piece to the puzzle of further connecting. Each view I was privileged to see meant that I was more in touch with those before me, making my religion even more important than it was before. IMG_1656

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