God On Trail Movie Review

This movie was one of the most interesting videos I’ve seen in this class. This movie takes place in Auschwitz during World War ll. In this movie its about if God broke his covenant with the Jewish people by allowing the Nazis in the movie to commit genocide, I have always found the Holocaust as one of the greatest crimes against all around the World. The most striking aspect of it was the incredible waste of brilliant minds and people who contributed so much to Culture and History. A bright lamp was very nearly extinguished in World War II.  The covenant with Moses which was followed by the priesthood of the tribe of Levi that offered sacrifices or holocausts to God for the sins of His people with the promise of the Messiah that was to come, the Lord Jesus Christ is that Messiah (Savior, Redeemer) not only of the Jews but of humanity. Most of the Jews of this time most especially the evil leadership of the Jews aka Scribes and Pharisees decided Jesus was not the Messiah they wanted and plotted successfully to get the Romans to torture and execute Him. Fortunately for humanity and unfortunately for them, their success was short lived, unlike Christ. All the Jews including the ones cooperating with their comrades in the Soviet Union? Not all Muslims are terrorists, thanks for that most of the world’s terrorism in the last 100 years has been committed by the Americans, Brits, Soviets, Chinese, Japanese, and in “failed” African states. Israel has also been a major cause of the terrorism known as war. In conclusion, I would see this movie again since it was so well directed. One of my favorite quotes in this movie was “God is your God… even if he doesn’t exist.”


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