Within the clouds

This picture was taken while I was flying to Colombia during spring break. I always found flying on airplanes so calming and relaxing. Its something I love, the feeling of being so small. Although yes, it is a plane full of people and weighs a lot, it gives me a sense of being weightless. I feel so in touch with my surrounding and the world around me. As I look out the window I feel like its almost crazy how far out I can see. I’m in the clouds, higher than the birds. Something that seems impossible. I find the plane rides to be like sacred space. I always travel with my brother, but he knocks out upon take off, so I’m left thinking and day dreaming. I’m left with my head literally in the clouds. All my thoughts become alive, all my ideas become possible and all my dream become reachable. In the clouds I can accomplish anything and everything. Its as if I have a higher power, bigger than just science, keeping me up. It drives me to solve any issues I have and fix the problems that would hover over me while I’m on land. While I’m in a plane, over, within and in between the clouds, I become one. IMG_3513


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