Gandhi movie review

To be honest I quite enjoyed this movie. It represents a very big part of religious as well as social history. They did a very good job at being able to show how things were back then and how one man was able to alter the world in such a peaceful and unique way. Gandhi was very open, he identified himself and practiced Hinduism, however he also preached Christianity because of some of their views. This movie shows his journey through it all, as he goes back to India after all he went through and being arrested. This is when everything starts to show, the true moral of it, fighting with will instead of aggression, helping those in need to achieve justice in India, trying to free them from being in poverty and mistreated extremely unfairly. He sent his British friend, the priest home when he said that Indians needed an example to be able to know that their own kind could resolve the issue., that an Indian could fix it. Just as when the British officer made the statement about India becoming chaotic without the British government, Gandhi replied saying that people would rather have one of their own ruling even if they are not good, rather than the foreign. Gandhi also uses his physical appearance to make a point, when he returns from South Africa he wears rags just like his comrades. Using only the things that were from his nation, his homeland, detached from materialism. This also helped people side with him because it made them feel like he was one of them, and if he was trying to end the injustice of the government and the repression of the Indian people he needed as much support as he could get. And so he managed to do so, to “protest” peacefully to get to his goal and that is the most admirable action that he is remembered for.


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