Movie Review: God on Trial

The movie God on Trials was truly riveting. The movie depicted Jewish prisoners during the Holocaust putting God on trial. The Jewish prisoners who put God on trial weren’t illiterate they were educated people. These people were the professors, artists, lawyers, scholars and scientists of their time. The Jewish prisoners put God on trial for breaching his convent with the Jewish people. The four different monotheistic theodicies discussed in the film were protest, suffering as a punishment of sin, suffering as a test and the mystery of God’s sovereignty. God is found guilty in being that he was thought by the Jewish people during the film to have breached his convent with them by allowing the Holocaust to take place. I felt like this was definitely hard times for the Jewish people as they were being prosecuted because of their religion. The Holocaust was truly a horrible event and it caused about six millions Jews to be killed during these times. In the end after the verdict it’s seen that several of the prisoners’ numbers were called where they would be taken to what can be seen as likely being their deaths. Furthermore, even through the end the people still remain with the faith and continue to pray. I thought it especially amazing to see them still hold true to their religion and continuing to pray and to have faith in God.

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