Megan Project part 2

I was born and raised in Cuba, so the African religious culture that exists over there affected a big part of my life. SO this is why I choose Girasoles, or sunflowers for this project. I’ll explain more deeply, when you are born over there you are typically given a “Virgencita” according to the month you were born, or the personality you start to show, some gifted people can even read you and determine which one corresponds to you, it could be Las Mercedes, La Caridad, Santa Barbara etc. Mine is La Virgencita de la Caridad, a few months after I was born my mom met a woman that was “gifted” and she told her that was mine, and as my personality showed thorugh, it made even more sense so that’s the one that I praised as a kid, every time I went to Church I would light up a candle in front of her and pray. So her color is yellow, therefore Girasoles are the representative flower. Even though I don’t really practice that anymore it is still part of my roots and who I am as a person, so every once in a while I buy sunflowers in reminder of “La Virgencita de la Caridad”IMG_5556


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