God on Trial

God on trial was a interesting movie. It was a bout how the Jewish men being held at a concentration camp felt God had broken his covenant with them by letting the Nazis have a holocaust . The proceeded to have a trial as if God was there to see whether he was guilty or not. I found it interesting because when I had learned of the holocaust and being a psychology major I was always curios to know what they were thinking and feeling inside and it did always cross my mind if their faith in God was present till the end of if some resentment was there.                                                                                                                                              This movie demonstrated how some believed and some doubted witch both I guess are expected in a situation like that it also showed how some of the men were educated and doubted and some vise versa. However even though I did like that we got to see the truth of how does men felt towards God in time like that, the movie it self as a whole I did not like just because it was just them sitting there most the time having the trial. I do wish their would have been a little more action or movement.                                                                              In the actual plot of the movie at the end they find God guilty of braking the covenant. However, they carry on to prey showing they still have faith and even though those specific Jewish men did die, the Jewish people lived on. The fact that they lived on can bring back the question again to some people if  God did really break his covenant.


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