i found this movie not so interesting because of lack of action that modern movies are filled with. the story was good but it was just old style movie. i think that the priests were involved in enterprising the new colony was because they are the connection between god and the people. the priest were going to help the “barbarians” native american become christian. the priests had more power and influence in that time. the colonizers sacralize the new world by introducing Christianity to the native american. they even had a small church or a room for the god. the new world was profane because they did not believe in god, they just prayed to the nature. daniel just liked the native american girl so he was willing to convert to native american and at the end he does go with the girl. the father was trying to convert the native american into Christian so that they could have place in heaven but the natives thought he was a daemon. father’s understanding of conversion was the right belief and that was Christianity and with the right belief come the right actions. when the natives convert they were killed in 15 years after converting. i think it was important for the father to convert the natives because it was the dominate religion. he was trying to show them the right passage so their after life can be better. the natives did not like the french and vice-versa. the natives would blame the french when the illness almost wiped out the whole village but in reality it was the winter time. the natives were not educated and did not fully understand the french way of thinking and i think that is why they were so resistance to accepting the new religion. overall the movie was educational and i learned from it but nothing compared to the modern action and surprising movies.


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