Black Robe

This film is interesting in the aspect of script and play. It is unusual, and the characters don’t speak as much as some would in a typical hollywood movie. I liked how the movie went into depth about the native american culture. There was this idea that the forest was a sacred space to the natives. They believed that your knowledge came from your ability to thrive off the forest. Throughout the film, Father Laforgue constantly tries to convert the natives to Christianity and fails at it. Some would think it is because the natives were ignorant but in reality they knew if they adopted another religion, they would lose sight of who they truly were. Converting would mean that eventually all their ideals, myths and culture would disappear from history. So to salvage their identity, they denied christianity up until the end of the movie. The priests were so determined upon spreading their faith through colonization they didn’t realize converting the natives would strip them of their dignity and cause consequences like being killed off. Overall, I think this film conveys a more substantial meaning that has to do with learning someone else’s religion/spirituality and cultural background before placing your ideals in front of theirs.

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