Black Robe

I thought the black robe was excellent movie that portraits many topics that have been discussed in class. Being a movie centered with the religion Christianity; As the priest from Quebec leads a expedition with some indigenous people or “savages” to lead them to Christianity.–Jorge Romero 5957122


  • Why were priests involved in the enterprise of colonization?Because they were the ones closest to God and new better how to spread their ways to the Huron nation.
  • How do the colonizers sacralize the “New World”? They do so by establishing the churches and other means of customs and introduce them to Jesus.
  • How is the “New World” profane? The new world is profane because that space they are not comfortable with its not a very tangible living space by their means/customs.
  • What is the relationship between power and knowledge in both religions? i.e. The knowledge of the book versus the knowledge of the forest. In both religions they had knowledge that led to more power over the other such as when the small person couldn’t understand what the priest was reading he himself was the inferior one contrary to when the priest got lost in the forest and had no knowledge of it; while on the other hand the indigenous tribe easily went by it.
  • Analyze the dialogue between Father LaForgue and Daniel. How do their views differ concerning natives and their beliefs?Father LaForgue had distictly different views in terms of the school of thought he had towards the indigenous people where he thought they were basically savages incapable of entering heaven and living in the now; where as Daniel had a different view where they were capable of love and compassion. He was more open-minded to the people. Plus Daniel liked one of them.
  • How does Father LaForgue represent the modern “man”? His terms of the modern man were to have a nice strong relationship with God and to carry out his messages in a more formal society.
  • Is father Laforgue’s understanding of conversion more about right belief or right action? His understanding of Conversion was through in fact right belief because his strongest asset was his belief in Christianity and believed to get to heaven one most convert oneself to Christianity.
  • How do the Natives and French see each other? The Natives see the french as a threatening and demonic people who worship a clock. Where the french have similar view but they see the natives as some savages who need to be taught their customs.
  • What are the consequences natives face after their conversion to Christianity? They have to look back and say good bye to some of their ways.
  • Why is it so important for Father Laforgue to convert the natives? He believes that it is his duty to give the natives Christianity in order for them to reach Heaven and live among them.

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