The movie started off slow and it seemed to drag for a bit. I was confused at first as to what was going on. However, as it progressed I started to understand that it was based on history. It was interesting how the black robe or Father LaForgue was trying to convert the native Hurons to Christianity even though they had their own belief system. As the movie went on I got pulled in by the horror, lack of communication and respect as well as the violence. There were moments where I had to look away from the screen because of the blood and killings. It was so interesting to see both perspectives of the story. It was nice to see that Daniel could understand and respect the natives believes unlike Father LaForgue. Both of them had similar goals in the beginning but by the end of it, they had found different paths. LaForgue can represent the modern man in a way of not totally accepting others. In today’s society there are people who have trouble understanding and respecting people who are different.

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