Black Robe

The movie Black Robe is about a priest and a french men who are on a journey to attempt to convert the Native Americans into believing in God. The priests were involved in early colonization because they were supposed to spread the word of God to the new world. In the movie, the “New World” was seen a profane due to the lack of “established religion”. The Native Americans believed in a more nature orientated culture rather than having a specific God. The priest attempted to sacralize the new world by trying to convert the Native Americans to an established religion. The Native Americans has knowledge of the forest; their “religion” is heavily based on nature and spirits. The priest has knowledge of the book; the book is representative of the bible. The book is what guides the priest, it is the center of his religion. The priest rejects the beliefs of the Native Americans, while the French men is more open to their beliefs. There is even a point in time where the French men asks if the priest could blame the Native Americans for not believing in sitting on clouds and looking at a God. The priest represents the modern man because like most people today, he is not tolerant of other religions, he is very close minded. Tunnel vision prevents him from broadening his perspectives. In my opinion, the priest is tying to convert the Native Americans so they can=b be saved by God, not necessarily because he believes his religion is the “right religion”. The priest views the Native Americans as savages; The Native Americans see the priest as a demon, and foolish. The Native Americans felt if they converted, they would be losing their identity. The priest is so determined to convert the Native Americans because he wants them to have everlasting life with God.

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