Black robe movie review

The Black robe was an excellent film which captured the interaction between the natives and the french. The french, yet most importantly, father La Forgue, believed that their true mission as Jesuits was to convert the natives and give them the blessing which is heaven. However, the natives can be somewhat skeptical. Throughout the movie, we see the interaction between La Forgue and the natives and it is clear that there is tension present. The natives were perceived as profane because they did not have the same morals as the Jesuits. The natives are seen having casual sex among themselves as well as other practices which cause Father La Forgue to feel disgusted. Daniel, on the other hand, was more open minded to the concepts and cultures of the Indians. He quickly assimilates with them even falling in love with a native woman. Daniel sees all the good in these people and considers them to be “true Christians,” because of their acts of kindness and unity among each other. However, Father La Forgue finds the natives to be savages and that only through the word of God they will be saved. This goes to show the difference in perspective between Daniel and La Forgue. Throughout the movie, La Forgue is considered to be a demon because he is pushing his beliefs on the natives. He is tested in many ways and observed to verify whether or not he, in fact, was a demon. This highlights the discontent of the Natives towards La Forgue’s ideology.  Towards the end, La Forgue is faced with several difficulties and seems to weaken in his spiritual strength, however, he baptizes the natives at the mission because they said that it was the only cure to a plague which had killed a majority of their people. La Forgue took this opportunity to convert the natives which meant that his mission was complete and he had fulfilled his destiny and promise to God which was of utmost importance to him.

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