Black Robe Movie Review

Black Robe in my opinion was a really great movie that shows the different points of view on religion and how important it was in the colonization of the americas. In the movie the priests were involved in creating the axis mundi and this is because we all know the majority of all communities have some sort of religious center for worshipping. The colonizers sacralize the new world by attempting to convert the indians into christianity, as well as building churches. The  New World is “profane” to the french because it is just the wild to them inhabited by indians that do not believe in their God. For example, in the movie Black Robe even thought that the forest was evil.
In the christian religion power is gained through the knowledge of the bible (book) while in the indian religion power is gained through knowledge of nature and its spirits.
Father La Forge has a strict opinion on the way people should worship God. He does not care if people act like christians if they do not believe in God. Therefore Father Laforgue’s understanding of conversion is more about right belief.  On the other hand Daniel does not care that the indians do not believe in their God if they act like good people.
Father LaForgue represents the modern man because his way of thinking is the way the average christian man thinks. People that thought the way Daniel thought were the minority at that time.
The Natives think that the French are weird and that they want to take away what is sacred to them. The French see the Natives as barbarians and savages and think of themselves higher to them.The Natives are looked as traitors to the other tribes and were killed by them.It is so important for Father LaForgue to convert the natives because he feels as thought it is his duty to save these people from hell. Which is the place he thinks everyone will go to if they do not believe in God.


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