Black Robe – Cristina Rodriguez

I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie. It’s an interesting concept to show how far Christians were and are willing to go in order to make an axis mundi in the new places they reside. The Natives were perfectly happy with their faith and belief. They lived productive and sufficient lives. The natives were in their axis mundi. Since Father LaForgue felt it wasn’t the right axis mundi for the Natives, he went to extreme measures to try to convert them to Christianity. It’s a complete turn-off for me when I see other people make themselves superior to others just because of a religion. It was rude that LaForgue degraded their religion because it didn’t make any sense. It doesn’t make any sense that there’s an imaginary man up in the sky who decides your fate whether you go to hell or to heaven either. If anything, the Natives faith felt organic and natural. They used what was in their home to speak to the spirits that surround them. They lived amongst the world without doing any harm to the earth because they respect Mother Nature. Millions of Natives were killed not only because they wouldn’t adapt to the New World’s lifestyle but because of a religion they were not willing to follow. And that is why I didn’t like the movie.

Out of all the characters, I thought Daniel was the most sane. He was a man interested in making a new life for himself. He still was interested in making a relationship with God but not devoting his life to God, which is what majority of Christians and Catholics do today. We all have our own relationship with God. Not one is better than the other just because one goes to church more, one reads the bible more, or one communicates with God more. His relationship with God was no one’s business but himself. He knew that he wasn’t going to hell just because he didn’t devote himself. He had his own beliefs and he stuck up for them when confronted by Father LaForgue.

All in all, this is a great reason why faith and religion should be kept to one’s self. If a person wants to convert, they will go out of their way to look for the religion they want to join. It’s never okay to push a person into converting even if you think it will save them from going to hell. If they reject your offer, then respect their wishes. If their choice is “to go to hell” then it is their choice. The Natives had their own goal at the end of life and that was to be with their God. We all worship the same God, we just have different ways of reaching that place to God.


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