Black Robe Movie Review

After watching Black Robe, I gained a perspective on what it was like to be in the process of introducing a new religion to a set of people. In this movie, Laforgue, who was a Jesuit priest, accompanied by a French Man; Daniel, adventured on a journey together for their mission, which was to convert the Native Americans and help them find salvation through God. However, there are conflicts in the movie because the Native Americans believed in nature and spirits, while the priest had an establishment and a set of rules provided by the Bible. Throughout the movie, the French man becomes more open to the perspective of the Native Americans, asking questions and in falling in love with one of its members as well. However, the priest stayed to his own beliefs and perspectives, shutting off the ones that differed from his opinions. In my opinion, the Priest does not represent the modern man, but represents the generations in the past that were not tolerant to people and values that differed from their own. The French man, however, reminds me of Modern Man because he is accepting and trying to understand the very peculiar community. All throughout, the Native Americans were viewed as creatures to the priest, ones who did not have an established religion and needed saving. In contrast, the Native Americans viewed the priest as naïve and biased, making him look and sound like a fool. The “New World” represented in the movie had no real religion, the people did not have a supreme specific God, so they were viewed different or “uncivilized” by the colonial people. Also, since the priests were involved in many of the colonization’s that took place in the past, they were sent to lead the Native American tribe. After watching the movie, I was impressed by the idea and the very fact of the colonization that was occurring in the movie.

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