Black Robe Movie Review

To me this movie was very hard to watch mainly because it did not grab my attention, however, the message was still conveyed. In the movie Black Robe the priest, Laforgue embarks on the journey of colonization to educate the “savages” and grant them salvation with God. They begin building churches and home in the “New World” and start spending time with the natives and learning their language so that they can teach them of Christianity. The new world is all forest with no advance. It is dark and they do not know how to navigate it like the natives do. There is no claim from the French or any other Christian country where they are no to them it is profane. The relationship of knowledge to the Black Robes is more about knowledge and blind faith, but to the natives, it is the Earth, people, and dreams. They do not believe in heaven, but that they will be able to roam the forest hunting as souls. In the movie, Father Laforgue wants to convert them to Christianity and does not understand why they would refuse god and give into so many sins, but Daniel accepts them for what they are. He thinks they are forgiving and intelligent in their own way. Father Laforgue is the representation of the modern man because he is modernized, he is used to the city and having resources, but with the natives, everything is much harder. He now has to do more than just try to convert the natives, he has to survive as well. He is not in tune with the Earth. Father Laforgue’s understanding of conversion is more on belief than anything else. They may behave like Christians in all senses of the word but if they are not baptized they are still savages. In turn, the French and Natives see each other as opposites. The French view the natives as savages and uneducated, and the natives see the French as ridiculous and weak beings, but at the same time are awed by their possession. The consequences of conversion for the Indian implies the complete elimination of their tribes at one point or another. Once they stop being natives and start being Christians their identity as a people is completely lost. It became evident to the viewer of this, but to black robe, it was not. He was still very much set on converting the Indians because to him that was like saving them. It was his mission and he wanted it accomplished one way or another.


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