Luther movie review

I found the movie Luther to be very interesting. In the movie, there are some concepts that are present that we have discussed in class. The first and most prominent is the idea of the sacred and profane space. In the movie, we are flooded with sacred relics and churches which were seen as the sacred space because they connected the people to God. Even throughout the movie, we see that the townspeople are so obsessed with buying indulgences which allow them to buy their way into heaven. At the church and around sacred images everyone seemed to behave differently than they did in the profane space. In the profane space, there was a different feeling to it, the characters were able to perform day to day activities without really having to focus much on “God.”The second concept which was also very prominent in the movie was that of doctrine and change. When Luther challenged the behavior of the catholic church this made him a heretic. Martin Luther believed that you did not need to buy indulgences to get into heaven and that people didn’t have to live by the interpretation of the bible that the church gives them. Instead, Luther invites the people to read the bible themselves (only if they could) rather than settling with the Church’s interpretation. Luther defied the doctrine of the church and when he presented himself among the archbishop he was told that he created a new doctrine that would split the church. Martin even translated the bible from latin to german. Overall, I found this movie to incorporate some of the concepts learned in class very well.

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