Movie Review – The Black Robe

At first, it was difficult to understand the movie telling between what timeline it falls into but it takes place around the 17th century and the story tells about missionaries who got converted into a new religion (catholic). The film takes place with lead character Father Laforgue. There is Huron Indians whom can change their faith, the missionaries were trying to change their axis Mundi, Father Laforgue is trying to force the religion to those who already have one. Religion is something followed not forced upon. Millions in the process were killing because of their unwillingness to follow. The movie is a tragic view of past historic events and just shown the price of religion when it is used in the wrong ways. I did not enjoy much of the movie because of nature and plotline it used. Just like Joan of arc, many religious movies come with a tragic backstory that amazes me that this actually happened in the past.

This is a reason why one must follow and find their own religion and stay true to them believes, people can convert on their own. They can reject it yes but then they must respect that decision. I’m happy we live in an era where religion is not taken to an extreme how it was in the past rather, yes it still happens but not to the crazy extent it used to be, and we can learn from history.


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