Even though Luther is not the type of movie that i will go watch by myself and it felt like it was boring at the beginning, the movie ended up being amazingly interesting.
During the movie we can see how Luther questions his religion and beliefs. When he has to deliver the letter to Rome is when he first started seeing the corruption that was hidden behind the “indulgences” and Rome itself.
In Luther’s eyes everyone had the right to know what was written in the sacred scriptures, that way everyone could have the same chance at salvation, without the need of an indulgence. I loved the part where he takes the paper from Hanna and tells her that it is nothing, that she had to put her trust in God’s love. This scene was one of my favorites because I feel like this was the trigger for him to start taking action, more seriously and kind of aggressive, as we see when he writes the letter to Albert of Mainz. The movie showed that many times we base our beliefs in material things such as they did with the indulgences and salvation when all you have to do is to follow and trust in God’s love and words. Also, that everyone should have the right to be in touch with the sacred the same way Luther did with the scriptures when he translated them into German.
I went from not expecting a lot from this movie to actually be astonished by it. There is an enormous amount of knowledge that can actually be acquired from watching this movie in several subjects such as religion, history, and why not equality, after all he was trying to give the same rights of being able to read the scriptures to the commoners.

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