Luther Movie Review

I found this movie to be very interesting and brilliantly made. A new side of the Protestant Revolution was brought to light through the eyes of this movie and I found it very entertaining and informative. I found the character to Luther to be very empowering and interesting. He joined this new life that he didn’t comprehend but remained loyal to and made a grand impression of himself. He was portrayed briefly as the villain when his teachings were corrupted and the peasants began to pillage and murder everyone who claimed to be of higher position. His character was portrayed from every angle; he raised questions and undiscovered truths of Christianity. He provided many questions and answers. This movie itself raised many questions. I was able to see the history behind Christianity and this revolution. Change was brought up so suddenly in those times that it created chaos. It reminds me of our own world and the impact such rapid change holds on us. A new side of the church was exposed within this film. Luther as a character was brilliantly established and his importance revoking his writing so the church could continue its malpractices of selling indulgence was valuable. It had great economic benefits on the Church. His ideology of orthopraxy, salvation through correct practice or conduct, contradicted the classic teachings of the Catholic Church. His protest was against the wrongful and corrupt actions of the Church, not the Church. Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the door of the church for everyone to see, hoping to change the corrupt practices of the church. Thanks to Luther, the Church accepted its wrongdoings and proved the sale of indulgences unbiblical. Is Luther really to be admired or detested for what he did? This movie helped me understand more about the church, the religion, and history itself. I enjoyed it, it left me intrigued and with a series of questions.


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