Luther Movie Review Alisha Ramirez

I thought that Luther was a very interesting movie that shows the corruptness of the Catholic Church at the time. The movie opens with Luther, a priest, spilling wine at his mass and this gains some negative attention because the transfiguration of wine to the blood of christ is an extremely sacred ritual making this act very disgraceful. Luther then visits Rome to come to find out that most of the people live a very unchristian lifestyle in which most of their actions are not morally correct. In Rome indulgences can be bought in which one can pay the church in order for their time in purgotory to be lessened which Luther thought was very unjust because Luther was a critical thinker in which he criticized the church and did not find any of their actions justifiable in the Bible. The indulgences were important for the Church because they use that money to pay for the upkeep of the church as well as the building of other churches. It is evident as to why people liked indulgences because they can pretty much do whatever they wanted even if it was wrong if they payed the price later. Throughout the movie Luther was changing the people’s minds on what is “wrong”. For, example a boy who had committed suicide was not allowed to be buried in the cemetery because the church claims that the boy is going to hell for taking his own life but Luther buried him anyways because he realizes that god is “merciful” and loving. Luther then, translates the Bible into German which many are angry about because it allows for all kinds of people to be able to read the “mysterious” word of God.There are cons to this because some things could get lost in translation and different interpretations can arise. Excommunication was the worst punishment that the Catholic Church can impart on its members and that is what they did to Luther after he nailed the 95 thesis on the door of the church calling a debate on indulgences.It is important that Luther would revoke his writings because indulgences were very beneficial to the maintenance of the church as well as the creation of future churches. Luther values orthopraxy while the church values orthodoxy. Religion has to do with politics because there are different interpretations and ways to govern the church and Luther wasn’t against the church he was just trying to change the way it was being run.
The pros of having a universal leader is that you have someone to look up to however it can backfire the leader is not righteous.


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