Luther Movie Review- Moesha Naissance

The movie Luther really exposed me to a side of the Protestant Revolution that was unbeknownst to me. When learning about the reformation in my history classes, I never gave it much thought. Often times, educators fail to stress the enormity of things past. In the world we live in today, change is so rampant that we sometimes, unintentionally, mark the actions of people, such as Martin Luther, as frivolous in the grand scheme of things. However, in those times, a change as great as this was uncommon and not so easily gained. Although I found the film quite interesting and still relevant in today’s society, it left me grappling with questions that I suppose do not have a right or wrong answer. The most debatable question being whether Luther should be punished for causing the deaths of thousands of peasants or should he be praised for raising questions, and many problems, that allowed for millions of people to seek their own truths in Christianity. Nevertheless, the movie is one that should be viewed by anyone who dares to question the norms inside and outside of religion. Though, we are all well aware that all of our questions will always trace back to religion.


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