I think the movie Luther was a really good and educational movie. In the opening scene he was asked to perform a mass when his father arrived. He spilled wine “blood of Jesus” while performing the ritual and was looked at like he was not ready. He was nervous and did not have the faith to believe in god, he let the demon overcome his faith. he was then sent to find his faith in which he went to Rome and while doing so he paid for his grandfather to be released form purgatory. In Rome you could buy anything you want so he called it a circus. When he reached top he found out that it was just a piece of paper which he paid for and that it meant nothing. from this point on in the movie he tries and tries to reform the church and what the church was doing wrong.He wrote and told the people that what they were doing was wrong and the only way they could truly connect with god was to worship him and have faith in him. Luther finds the god by having faith and challenging what was being practiced and asking questions about the bible and what it really meant. writing a bible in German meant that the common people could understand it and interpret in their own way which would cause chaos because the people would start questioning. My favorite part about this movie is that Luther never stopped fighting for what he believed was right and fair to all the people and not to only the priest. in the end he did write the bible in German language for the people so that they could read it. Luther was protesting against what the church practiced, which was wrong. Also people interpreted what Luther said in a different way which caused a plague which killed 100,000 people. I think this movie was great even though it was bit hard to understand.

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