Cristina Rodriguez – Luther Film Review

Surprisingly, I really liked this film. It could be because Joseph Fiennes is in it but it could be because there was actually an engaging plot. I knew very little about Martin Luther. I only knew of him from the Lutheran Church. Luther challenged every aspect of the bible because he knew what the priests were preaching was not matching to what was written in the scriptures. He saw the hypocrisy in the church. He wasn’t going to ask people for their money so they can pay their way to get into heaven. He wanted to teach what was in the scriptures verbatim. His interpretation of the Bible was not to benefit him or a group of people. It was to benefit everyone.

Joseph Fiennes did an incredible job depicting Martin Luther. I only heard of him from American Horror Story: Asylum and, coincidentally, he plays a priest who strictly abides by the law of God. So it’s funny to see him play an even more complex religious role that is actually based on a real person. It was interesting to see how Luther challenged the church at a time where going against the church was an act of treason. I’m not really a fan of religion themed movies but I was intrigued by the plot and the subject of this film. Luther truly was a man of God.

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