Jorge Romero Luther movie review

The movie luther for me was a bit slow in the beginning but as the movie progressed I got so attracted to it. I love the fact he challenges something so delicate and of such gravitude and that he basically puts himself against the traditional because of his different perception of the Bible. Such a applicable view towards today’s society.


Why was there a negative reaction when Luther was clumsy during his first mass? There was a negative reaction from the crowd chuckling and His father feeling dishonored.


What does Luther realize after his visit to Rome? Why is Rome a “circus”?

He sees high church personal sleep with whores . He also starts to challenge very normative rules. He also sees people ignorantly being told to pay there way to heaven and begins to question it and begins to have his own interpretation of the religion.

How was the symbolism of saints and indulgences corrupted? 

Because the populations were told to pay there way to salvation and through currency so instead of the actual deed of learning and significance of the saints and indulgences.


What kind of student was Luther? 

Luther was a kind of that rebel student that didnt just settle with information he didnt agree with

How are Indulgences a Comfort for people?

They were a comfort because if they people just had to sacrifice some currency they would go to heaven


What is the worst punishment that the Catholic Church can impart to its members?

Excommunication when you were basically kicked out the church and not eligible for salvation.

 What effect did his message have on the people of the time?

Since the people didn’t know the actual Bible they believed anything they were told by the Church. When they were told different that was the start of a revolution against the Church


Why can’t a suicidal person be buried in the cemetery?

Because since they took their life the most sacred thing according to the Bible they were supposed to go to Hell and not enter the gates of heaven.



How does Luther find the  “merciful” and loving God he was looking for? 

Through Christ and what he has done for Us . The ultimate sacrifice


Why are indulgences important for the Church?

Thats how they get their money.

Why was it so dangerous to write the Bible in German? 

because everyone understood it so it was dangerous for Church cause then people would have power over it.

What does Spalatin mean when he tells Luther “Welcome to the world of politics”? What do politics have to do with the Church?

Because the Church was the axis mundi for the state and they were the politcal representative

What are the pros and cons of one universal leader deciding what is beneficial for the Church? There was one mindset one voice, and no division of power. Positive they had only  One man making the rules, it prevents confusion.


Why was it so important that Luther revoked his writings?

because this would stop the strength people had towards revolting against the church as different interpretation of the religion.


What is more important for Luther and for the church, orthodoxy (right belief) or orthopraxy (correct practice or conduct). 

What was most important for him was orthodoxy because he believed in different interpretation of the religion basically right to belief of interpret the bible.

What is the source of religious authority for Luther? 


How does ritual serve as a form of catharsis? 

It serves a conduct of relaxation ; for example prayer or relaxation


Luther maintained that he was not against the Church, but what was he protesting against? 

Against the right to believe what you want in terms of the interpretation of the bible

Why was Luther excommunicated? 

Because he went directly against the Cathlolic church an unforgivable offense


What are some of the consequences of Luther’s new interpretation? 

He was excommunicated and the new bible was banished


What did Luther write his 95 theses? 

to challenge the corruption and acts of the Church .

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