Luther Movie

I thought Luther was quite interesting. It was intriguing to see him struggle with his inner demons and how that was portrayed. I saw a big change in him after his visit to Rome and seeing how the people live there. That struck him hard. He didn’t like that they had to pay for indulgences and was not for it all. He didn’t think certain things were just and that was a result of the interpretation of the bible. He wanted to have a more open and not such a literal translation and interpretation because he felt as though that is not what was intended as well as excluding others would not be fair. Which is why he wanted to have the bible translated to German even though it was not the original language of the sacred texts. However, since the church and government were so heavily intertwined with each other there was some issues he encountered. He wanted everyone to not be excluded from the religion no matter what tongue they speak or where they are from. Throughout the film, I was able to see how religion plays into politics. It was scary to think that was how things were, people didn’t have access to books because they could not read unless they were of the elite or religious leaders. The film overall showed how religion can be interpreted differently and its role in society.

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