Luther movie review

The movie Luther is an okay film I guess. I was not that big of fan. For some reason I found it kind of hard to follow. I do not really care for religion movies. The opening scene starts off with Luther performing a mass, where he spills some of the wine, which symbolizes him spilling the blood of christ, ruining the ceremony. After visiting Rome, Luther sees how corrupt their religious system is. The priest had people paying for themselves and their loved ones to get into heaven. Rome is a circus because of the prostitution, poverty, and corrupt religious officials. Luther was sent to Wittenburg where he was a theology student. The indulgences were comforting to the people because they believed they were able to buy their way into heaven. Being excommunicated is the worst thing that can happen to a person of the catholic church. Once you are excommunicated, you no longer have a religious body to turn to. Luthers teachings taught the people about the love of God, and how they cannot pay for salvation. A suicidal person cannot be buried in the sacred cemetery because the people believed that if you take your own life you are automatically going to hell, you are not worthy to be buried in the sacred grounds. Luther believes that Jesus is the way to mercy and love. He died for the sins of all, therefore he must be full of mercy and love. The indulgences were important to the church because they were profiting from it. Writing the bible in German allowed for free interpretation. The people were able to read it and interpret the word for themselves. During this time, the church is considered politics because it basically governs the city. A pro of having one religious leader is everyone follows the same person, a con is that person can become corrupt and people will follow them. Luther needed to revoke his writings so that people would stop questioning the church. Right belief is more important to luther, while right conduct is more important to the church. Luther looks to Jesus as a religious authority figure. Ritual is seen as a version of catharsis because it acts as a sense of relief. Luther was for Jesus but against the corrupt religious officials. Luther was excommunicated for “going against the bible”. Luther wrote the 95 theses as a statement to challenge the church and get the people talking.

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