Luther Review

The movie Luther was about the time when Religion was spreading around the world and people having faith in God. The movie opens when a man named Luther performs a mass with his father watching. However, he spilled wine which was considered the “Blood of Jesus” because he felt nervous and did not have faith in God at all. He felt that he was overcome by a demon so he went to Rome to find his faith in which he prayed to his grandfather but when he reached the top of the stairs, he did not feel anything different. He felt that you needed to pay in order to be have communication in god and the piece of paper was nothing but trash to him. From that day, he tires to reform the church because he thought that it was all wrong and that everything needed to change. He kept telling everyone that everything that the church was telling them was wrong and that they needed to believe in him and have faith in him in order to be more closer to god. Writing a bible in German meant that other people could understand it, especially from outside the sacred space which would cause chaos around the world. In the end, Luther was able to write the Bible in German. Overall, it was a great movie to watch and very educational

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