Power to the people


           Luther is not a movie that I would usually watch of my own volition, but I really did enjoy it. After watching this movie, it is interesting to consider how different the church would be had there not been someone to challenge its motives and its use of power. Before, Luther was a two dimensional character that had I learned about in my history classes. Now, I feel like I truly understand the immense impact he had- not just on the Roman Catholic Church- but also on the individual experience of the divine and on the overall experience of the church. Luther helped bring The Bible to the common people. His translation of The Bible allowed for the people to be able to read and interpret The Bible for themselves, which in turn removed the middle man from having to interpret it. In the movie, we can see that this is a very good thing for the people, seeing as how the church was taking advantage of them . Through the use of indulgences, the church first created fear and then created a sense of security through the act of buying one .This is one of the issues that Luther attacked. He argued that an indulgence was just a piece of paper, and that true salvation was achieved only through God.

              Although, it is clear that many unforeseeable consequences were prompted by his questioning of the church’s use of power, one of the biggest change was that he revolutionized the way people can worship. Through the act of him translating The Bible into the common language, he gave the people the power to worship outside of church and he gave them the power to be able to question the church’s authority.  He took something that was supposed to be only for the “elites”- only for those that spoke Latin- and he gave it to the common people.


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