Luther movie review

I had learned about the story of Luther when I was in high school so for me to watch the movie felt like an interesting way to view the story. Luther in the beginning of the mass had a negative reaction because he was nervous and spilled the wine during the ceremony. As a way of regaining his faith he was sent to Rome, but what he realized was that in their view point anything could be bought as a form of redemption. But realized that it was all a lie when he felt nothing. Luther was a very questioning person of the faith and how things were handled. He did not see god as a god of hate and vengeance but as one of love, therefore, did not see how buying a piece of paper could comfort people if they were not actually from god or his doing. He believed that god could forgive, but not in the way people were asking for forgiveness. At the time the poor could not read the bible because politically the rich wanted to oppress the poor and the church as well as the rich benefited from the poor buying indulgences to fund building of churches as well as self-benefit. But Luther began to break all of the previously believed norms by buring the kid that committed suicide even though at the time was wrong to do to show forgiveness. He felt that what was being practiced was wrong because it was not what god wanted so by translating the bible to German the common folk could read it and interpret it the way they wanted and would eventually see that things were not handled correctly. Throughout the movie it seems as if he is going against the church but he is only going against how it is lead. He posts his 95 thesis to show what he believed was essentially wrong and show the people as well.






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