Megan Project 1


I was born in India so a necklace made out of flower is religious to me. A necklace made out of flower is used for a lot of occasions such as when you get married, when someone wins an election, and when performing a ritual or prayer. It is also put on the poster of a god or someone who has passed away. so there are many different religious purpose connected  with this necklace made out of flower. there aren’t any particular flower that makes it but they have to be good. this necklace is used whenever there is a ritual or a simple prayer being practiced in a temple. not only the necklace, but also individual flowers are used. they are put near gods feet to show that you are worshiping and praising them. they are also thrown on the people who are getting married to show celebration. it is the most basic and fundamental part of the Hindu religion and has been in use since the gods were here on  earth as shown in pictures or books about them.


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