Black Robe Movie Review

This film was very informative in the history of how Christianity came to America. It was meant to portray the seventeenth century and what occurred in the “New World” in the terms of religion. In the movie, a Jesuit Priest travelled to Quebec where his goal was to be able to convert the Algonquin natives into Christianity. In the process, there was much conflict from both parts due to the difference in not only religions but cultures and way of carrying out with life. During the movie, one of the voyagers to help the ‘Black Robe’, falls in love with one of the Indian girls from a tribe and this is the climax of the movie because since Lefrogue doesn’t condone this, the Indians see him as an enemy. Lots of deaths and battles took place during this time of the trip, while showing how different people from different religions go through the struggles of making their beliefs a “dominant” for in society.

The film did an excellent job in portraying how back then, when society came to the new land and found natives, they looked at them with displeasure, as savages. On the other hand, the Indians did not really care for adopting this new religion. They cared about their own beliefs and intermingled with their own tribe, regardless of the impositions. Throughout history, when the Indians do convert, is is more because they are either forced or because the abuse was too much to handle. In the film, the Hurons converted because they believed it would cure the sickness. All in all, I really enjoyed watching this film.


Victoria Echevarria

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