Luther Movie Review

When it comes to Luther, I found it very interesting as an explanation as to how there are so many different denominations for Catholic/Christian faith. After watching the film and being aware of the corruptness of the Catholic Church (seeing how the Church itself functioned like a country in the idea of conversion and conquering countries to spread the Word) it came as no surprise as someone would eventually speak out against it. Luther goes through various trials throughout this film. After botching his first Mass in front of his father, Luther is sent to Rome to discover that the Axis Mundi of his entire faith is actually more profane than sacred.

While Luther was out to study he comes across more events that causes him to question the Catholic Church. When a boy commits suicide and his body is not allowed to be buried in the cemetery, Luther buries it anyway, as God is merciful and the boy should not be punished for taking his life. When indulgences come up again in the film, Luther could not justify the idea of “paying off” one’s sin. That allowed anyone to run amuck and do as they please just to pay a silver coin and have the sin written off. For the Church, indulgences are beneficial as the revenue provides opportunity for expansion and building larger, more ornate churches.

Much later, Luther translates the Bible from Latin to German which makes the holy word accessible to the common people. Later, Luther produces the 95 Thesis and nails it to the door of the church which brings up the debate on indulgences. A direct challenge to the Catholic church, leading to his excommunication. The church, essentially, exiling Luther from their faith. Luther is then asked to nullify his thesis to bring back a positive light to the indulgences.

The most interesting thing to me as that my opinion of Luther was that he was a heretic. Eventually I realized that he was not against the Catholic faith. Just the way it was governed and how it operated.



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